You're here because you need to get a project done. A nifty little thing for the web, or for a mobile phone. Maybe you're in advertising. Maybe you're in education. Maybe you have the perfect idea for an app.

I develop banners, apps, and rich media. Sometimes I design them too — visually and conceptually. Occasionally, I'll put something together just for fun. I've been doing this for quite a while, and I like to think I do a pretty good job at it.

So have a look at my portfolio, read about what I offer. Download my resume. And if you like what you see, let me know if I can help.


Nothing loaded.


Generally speaking, my focus is on banners and small applications. Here's my current skillset:

  • Flash / Flex Actionscript, AS3 and AS2
  • Objective C for iOS development (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • HTML / Javascript:
    • jQuery
    • Ajax
    • CSS3
    • HTML5 / Canvas
  • After Effects Motion Design

Of these, the majority of my work is Flash, although I expect this to change in favor of standards-based approaches as time goes by.

If you want to build an application and you're not sure what technologies should be used, don't hesitate to ask. There's more than one way to defur a feline.

Also, it bears mentioning: I don't do websites. I also don't do roofing, millinery, or contract law, but I'm seldom asked for those things.


I was born in New Jersey in 1975. Some time after that, I got an Apple IIc and learned how to animate with it, a skill which seemed unprofitable at the time. Later, I recieved an AB from Brown University in the field of Modern Culture and Media, which qualified me to discuss cartoons with critical theorists. This also seemed unprofitable. Luckily I also took some computer science classes, and got a very early introduction to a new technology called the "World Wide Web." Watch for it; it may catch on.

What the site looked like in 2002

After brief stints in cinema studies (MA, NYU, 1999) and management for technical support (c3i, 1999), I decided to go freelance as a web desiginer. So I registered the name Amber Digital, a reference to my childhood dog, Amber analog. A few clients came in, but the work wasn't much fun. I wanted to make things move.

Then I stumbled upon a program called Macromedia Flash. By this time, computer animation was in demand, as everyone wanted an intro for their website. So I gave it a go, and sold some web intros. (if you were surfing in that period, sorry.)

As time went on, the work became a little more respectable: Quizzes, timelines, and flashcards for Prentice Hall, product demos, and promotional material for trade publishing. By mid-decade, my work was entirely Flash development. Today, my primary focus is banner ads and rich media, although I'm still willing to discuss cartoons with critical theorists, for the right price.

I currently live and work from my home in Aberdeen, New Jersey, with my wife and son, and our two dogs, Coco and Zoë.


Got a job for me? Have a question?

Email: condour@gmail.com

Landline: 732-566-2693

Mobile: 646-234-6669